As a friend, I guess it won’t be long before you’ve experienced it yourself: those embarrassing sex toy moments. You know what I mean. You’re using one of your lovely pleasure devices and BOOM! It slips right out of your hands, right at the peak of your orgasm. Not only a buzzkill, but the humiliation of having your neighbors or Penis Rings kids catching sight of it is oh-so-awkward. So just why do sex toys fall out?

Well, firstly, you should know that sex dolls toys come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and, unfortunately, not all are designed with staying put in mind. Plus a lot of these products require lubrication in order to be comfortable and that same lubricant makes them more slippery and prone to slipping right out of you. And you can forget it entirely if you’ve been using it for a while because lubrication tends to lessen as the session progresses.

Do you see where this issue is stemming from now? Many sex toys are just too slippery when going in and usually need a helping hand (or lube) to stay put. Generally, the larger the toy, the more likely it is to fall out. This is because the larger the toy, the more gravitational force it has to make its way out. Plus, comfort comes into play here too. If a toy is too big and uncomfortable for you, your muscles will spasm faster and cause the toy to fall out faster. Arousal levels also play a role, if you’re too horny sometimes you might not have the strength in your muscles to keep the toy in place.

In addition to these physical issues, I reckon lack of experience plays a major role too. When you’re first starting to use sex toys, you’re likely to feel intimidated and clumsy, omitting the basic steps that help keep the toy in place. Learning how to use a toy and discovering the most comfortable positions for you to enjoy it in, sure comes with practice.

Another thing to consider is quality. Many budget toys are made of low-grade materials that are either too flexible or too firm to stay in properly. On the other hand, the more expensive toys are usually made with higher quality materials to help them stay in place.

Finally, let’s not forget lubricants. Similar to quality, gone are the days of running to the drugstore for the cheapest bottle of lube you can find. The right lubricant can be just as important as the toy itself. When it comes to keeping things slippery and in place, silicone-based lubricants tend to be the most effective, whereas water-based lubes can easily dissipate and leave your device slipping out of place.

So there you have it. Next time you’re in the middle of that sexy energy and your device decides to come out and play, you’ll know why. The key is to be aware of what kind of lubricant you’re using, what size toy is best for you and how to navigate the artwork of mastering the positioning and insertion technique.

Speaking of positioning, it’s important to remember that starting out slow and taking your time can make a huge difference. Figure out what position feels the best for you and makes your toy stay in place. Why? Because the better the positioning, the better the stimulation in that special area of your body. For example, if using a dildo, you’ll want to angle it so that it creates the most pleasure possible. And if using anal beads, choosing the right angle before inserting them will help ensure they stay in place.

In addition, when using a sex toy, you always want to make sure you have a great grip on it. This will come in handy if you start to feel your toy slipping out. You can use both hands to make sure you’re in control before the situation turns ugly.

Ultimately, being aware of your body and staying conscious of your position can help you prevent sex toys from slipping out. Is it a guarantee? Of course not, but with care and practice, you’ll be able to enjoy your pleasure devices without feeling embarrassed by a mishap. Believe me – it will be more than worth it.

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