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Vibrators - Amazon.co.ukI recently read an interesting article about who invented sex dolls and the implications that it has on the future of human-to-human interaction. It posed a lot of questions as to what this will mean for relationships and how people will interact in the future.

Do you remember the days when dolls were made of cloth or vinyl? There was so much childhood love shared between the doll and the child that when it came time for the child to “upgrade,” they quite tearfully gave up their childhood dolls and moved on to more modern toys. Well, the inventor behind the modern sex doll has developed a new breed of dolls that could have huge implications for how we perceive relationships, particularly with the opposite sex.

I guess the question is – who then, is the inventor of the modern sex doll? Well, the answer to that question is surprisingly a Japanese entrepreneur, named Shin Takagi. Shin wanted to combine all of the elements of his company, Orient Industry, into one product that would mimic an actual human being. He believed that generating dolls that were of human like design was necessary to blur the line between fantasy and physical reality — thus, the birth of the sex doll.

While I understand the desire of wanting to explore fantasies and achieving a level of intimacy that we usually only associate with humans, I can’t help but feel a bit conflicted about the whole thing. On one hand, I think it’s great that people have the ability to explore whatever fantasies they may have, without harming any other person. On the other hand, I fear that it could be a slippery slope that could erode the importance of human-to-human interaction in the near future.

At the end of the day, I think it’s amazing that technology is at a point where a product like this can be made. We should think through the implications of this and consider all potential ramifications of introducing this product into society. The reality is, it’s not going away any time soon and as technology continues to improve, so will the capabilities and desirability of these dolls.

Speaking of capability, one of the interesting aspects of this is how these dolls can be manipulated to appear and perform in a way that is completely customizable. They can be dressed however you like and be as flexible in their movements as you can imagine. They come in all shapes, sizes and Penis Rings genders and can even be programmed with different personalities.

But what about intimacy? Since the dolls can fulfill erotic desires, do they provide an emotional stimulation for the person? It’s hard to say, but most reports indicate that people generally just found it to be a bit boring and ended up using it the same way they would use any other sex toy. Ultimately, it all comes down to what type of experience the person wants and how they plan to use the doll.

So whether you think these dolls are a blessing or a curse, there’s no denying that they are here to stay and that it’s something that we as a society must consider moving forward. It’s up to us to decide how we want to interact and engage with these dolls and what implications they might have for our relationships and our personal lives.

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