When I heard about the 2 1 2 by 9 penis pump I was a little skeptical.​ I mean, is it really that easy to increase the size of your manhood? I mean, surely there must be a way to make it larger without using a pump? Well, after doing my own research I was convinced that using this pump was the best way to go.​

So, I decided to take the plunge and try it out.​ I mean, why not? After all, I had nothing to lose.​ Plus, I had heard a few other guys had used the product and had seen some amazing results.​

The first time I used the pump I was a little nervous.​ I had never used one before and was a little worried about the whole thing.​ But, I was pleased to find that it was much easier to use than I expected.​ I was able to adjust the pressure to get the most comfortable fit and it felt really good.​

After using the pump for several weeks I started to notice a difference.​ I could definitely feel my Penis Rings feeling bigger and the results were even visible.​ I was really pleased with the outcome and I felt like my confidence levels had increased.​

To be honest, I was really amazed by how quickly the pump worked.​ Within a few weeks I was already noticing a difference – and it felt awesome.​ I experienced more pleasure during sex and I was able to stay erect for longer.​ It was an incredible improvement all around.​

My overall experience with the 2 1 2 by 9 penis pump was overwhelmingly positive.​ I was able to achieve the size increase I wanted and I could do it confidently and safely.​ Plus, it was quick and easy to use and I felt like it was taking my sex dolls life to the next level.​

The extra size also felt more comfortable when using condoms, which was an added bonus.​ I know that this pump can really benefit those who are unhappy with the size of their manhood and want to increase it – especially those who don’t want to take pills or use injections.​

After using the pump for some time, I decided to take a little break and see what results I had achieved.​ I am happy to report that my manhood has gone from average to above average in size and the increase in confidence I have gained is amazing.​ I know have a bigger and stronger package than ever before.​

My entire experience with the 2 1 2 by 9 penis pump was nothing short of positive.​ It has been an enjoyable and successful journey for me.​ I can fully recommend anyone considering it to take the plunge and give it a try – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

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