when did spencers start selling sex toys

I remember when my best friend told me that Spencer’s was selling sex toys. I was so confused; wasn’t this store only for Halloween and nonsensical gag gifts? Now, they’re selling intimate items? I had a million questions going through my mind.

Curious, I decided to research how this all began. According to a brief article in the New Yorker Magazine in 2001, Spencer’s opened the doors to their very first store in 1947. There, they sold a variety of novelty items. For example, party decorations, costume jewelry, and other adolescent items. I didn’t expect sex toys to have the same lineage.

However, after forty-four years of being in business, in 1991, Spencer’s found that they had a strong customer base but wanted to expand their services and include items for mature customers. So, they went out and sought additional items that could be sold in our stores. That’s when they added sex toys to their selection of merchandise.

For awhile, they kept sex toys hidden behind the counter, but when their customers asked to buy them, they would give it to them. They wouldn’t advertise them in any way. Over the years, the demand for these items really took off, so they flipped the switch and decided to share them with the world.

I remember seeing Spencer’s commercial when they announced their new product selection. It was an exciting spot because it let the consumer know that Spencer’s was now somewhere that served not just teenagers but adults as well. They now carried products for mature customers, not just the adolescent ones. They wanted to cater to every partygoer!

Seeing this new Spencer’s commercial opened my eyes to something. It made me realize that these adult items didn’t have to be seen as something that needs to be hidden away in shame. Instead, they can be displayed out in the open – without a stigma or judgment attached to them. After all, they’re toys that can act as a way to enhance pleasure and bedroom experience for those who are interested.

Since they first added sex toys to their inventory, Spencer’s has grown to become one of the top retailers selling sex toys out there. They continue to innovate, with their selection now boasting over 300 different adult items. They offer a variety of different toys, from vibrators to dildos, all the way to kinky accoutrements. It seems like you can find everything your heart desires when it comes to Spencer’s sex toys.

Plus, they don’t just sell. Spencer’s is widely known to provide excellent and comprehensive customer service. They make it a priority to teach customers about what items they’ve purchased and try to connect them with others who have similar interests. We’re talking about virtual meet-ups and anything to help the customer passionate about exploring what they get. That’s the type of dedication and customer service Spencer’s wants to provide.

And it’s all made possible because they took a chance and decided to add sex toys to the list of items they offer in their stores. That was a risk that definitely paid off, and now it’s become one of their most lucrative and fast-growing departments.

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