what is your favorite color sex toy

I guess you know my favorite color by now: it’s blue! But one of my other favorites is also the color of my favorite sex toy—purple. I went searching around for something to better my bedroom experience with my partner and stumbled upon a plethora of options. I was honestly overwhelmed at the vast selection—and the number of colors out there! But I ultimately decided on the purple sex toy.

When I first used it, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, I hadn’t tried anything like it before. But, luckily for me, it’s been pretty much love ever the since. The pleasure that this toy has brought my partner and I is unparalleled. And, because of its color, it also fits seamlessly into my bedroom—we’ve had so many fun nights with it!

The toy itself is pretty simple, but it does have a few features that I love. One of these being the flutter-like feature that’s definitely one of a kind. With its 360-degree rotation and 3-speed motions, it can go from sweet and soft to intense and powerful in no time. The vibration is just strong enough to stimulate the right spots.

Aside from the flutter-like feature, the toy is also waterproof. This is great since it allows us to take it to the shower or hot tub, vibrators making our playtime much more enjoyable.

Not to mention the toy is also rechargeable—saving us a lot of money in the long run since it doesn’t have to be replaced as often. And there’s nothing like never having to worry about batteries while having fun.

I also love that my purple sex toy comes with a wireless remote, vibrators so I can control its motion even at a distance. With the remote, I can enjoy some private time while my partner is away—or even have a different kind of fun when they’re with me!

And, lastly, my favorite part about this sex toy is its attractive design. Like I said before, it easily fits into my bedroom and blends in with the decor—but still makes a statement. Plus, it’s much quieter than most other toys out there, so our sessions are discreet and hassle free.

In short, my purple sex toy has been a great addition to our bedroom experience. It’s given us countless moments of pleasure and fun that I know will always bring us closer together.

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