way for male masturbation

It’s pretty amazing how many different ways there are for male masturbation.​ The most popular one obviously being the traditional way of manually manipulating yourself till you ejaculate, or simply using your imagination to aid in self pleasure.​ But then there are also several other ways of pleasure and satisfaction, all providing different kinds of sensations and intensities.​

Firstly there’s using a Fleshlight, which is basically a plastic or silicone model of a vagina or other body part.​ They come in a variety of different textures and tightness levels, and can even be used for couples play.​ The different textures can create an interesting sensation and the tightness can create a more intense experience.​

When it comes to something a bit kinkier, some guys like to push the boundaries of pleasure and opt for electrostimulation.​ This can either be done using an electric pad applied to the skin, or by using a TENS machine to deliver a current through electrodes placed on the Penis Rings or scrotum.​ The experience is definitely not for everyone, definitely not for the faint of heart, dildos but it can be an incredibly powerful experience.​

If you want to take things up even one more notch, there’s always prostate stimulation.​ To do this, you need to insert a toy usually made of smooth silicone into your anus.​ You can then use the toy to slowly massage your prostate, which can lead to incredibly powerful orgasms.​

And lastly, there’s the trusty old butt plug to provide even more intense stimulation.​ Butt plugs come in various materials from silicone to glass or steel, and they come in a variety of shapes and lengths.​ They can be used for anything from gentle stimulation to extreme levels of pleasure.​

Stayhard Beaded ringsSo those are some of my favorite ways of male masturbation.​ I think it’s important to remember that all of these methods can be highly pleasurable, but it’s also important to make sure you are always listening to your body.​ Get to know what feels amazing to you and then go explore and have fun.​happy experimenting!

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