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When it comes to masturbation, there are many different ways to enjoy it.​ Lately I’ve been watching videos of men having fun with masturbation.​ I think it’s a great way to get inspired and dildos get the juices flowing.​ There’s something really liberating about seeing guys enjoying the pleasure they can get from their bodies.​

The videos I’ve seen mostly consist of solo male masturbation, with the guy helping himself using different techniques.​ From the slow, gentle strokes of a hand sex toys to different objects being used to massage and stimulate the body, there’s something really mesmerizing seeing a guy pleasure himself to ecstasy.​

One of the videos I watched was really hot – a guy tying himself up to a cross and pleasing himself with a vibrator.​ There wasn’t any external sexual stimuli, but the pure pleasure coming from focusing on himself and his own arousal had me glued to the screen.​

Another video I recently watched was a guy experimenting with a huge dildo.​ I’d never seen anything like it before.​ He moved the dildo around the body, pleasuring himself in a slow, steady pace.​ I was so curious to see the result of his exploration.​

My favorite video I watched was one of a guy using his mouth to pleasure himself.​ The build-up was really intense and eventually his mouth work paid off, as he was able to experience immense pleasure.​ I was really inspired by the way he was able to stay on top of his arousal and just enjoy himself.​

The men in these videos are really inspiring to me in many ways.​ Seeing these guys in control of their pleasure and enjoying themselves without shame or guilt, that’s something I really appreciate.​

I think it’s really important to keep reminding yourself of our right and privileges to pleasure ourselves in whatever way feels good to us.​ Men especially, can benefit from this, as there are so few accepted ways for them to explore and own their sexuality.​ Seeing guys in masturbation videos really shows what’s possible.​

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