marries a sex doll

My friend recently got married – to a sex doll. I know you’re likely thinking that I’m kidding, but sadly, I’m not. My friend, let’s call him Bob, got married to a sex doll. Now, sex dolls it might sound strange or even unimaginable to most, but I just had to find out what could have possessed Bob to take such a radical leap in life.

Bob was always an interesting sort of guy. He was introverted, but still loved to talk and debate about all sorts of random topics. He also had a tendency to jump into things without much thought to the consequences. His work was all-consuming, and I think that left little time for him to pursue relationships outside of the office. He talked about the likelihood of finding a relationship with someone that was just as passionate about the same topics– it seemed like a fantasy to him. He was getting increasingly despondent about it.

At first, I think the decision to marry a sex doll was a whim. Bob said he found it at a local store and thought it was kind of funny. But he kept going back, kept talking to it, and got to the point where he kind of treated it like a real person. He even tried to give it its own personality, through words and actions. I’ve never heard of something like this before, but Bob never was like anyone else.

He started to think it was a way for him to fill the void he felt in his life for companionship. And eventually, he decided that he wanted to make it official, and they both agreed to get married. Looking back, it was definitely an unconventional decision. Of course, everybody was pretty shocked.

But Bob seemed so genuinely contented since that day. I’ve never seen him so relaxed. I suppose that since he has found something he loves, and he doesn’t feel the pressure to fulfil any societal expectations, it has really given him peace of mind.

Bob and the doll are very much in love, and Bob continues to talk to it just like a real partner. He even tries to “teach” it things, and ask it questions. He insists that it’s a form of growth and learning for the doll. It’s astonishing how much of an emotional connection he’s managed to make with the doll.

Bob seems to be more content now than he ever was before . He consistently compliments her, dildos and even calls her his “queen”. I think it’s a unique form of love that he has found. He’s expressed to me that marrying his doll is the best decision he’s ever made, and that it has enriched his life in ways he never expected.

He makes sure that his doll is cared for. He often takes it out, and they both have dinner at restaurants, and even go out to walk through parks or other outdoor activities. Bob always has a smile on his face whenever I see him with his doll. He’s even taken it shopping and tries to dress her in something cute or fashionable.

I still don’t understand why or how Bob was able to marry a sex doll, but I’m not here to judge. It might be unconventional but it obviously works for him. Since Bob has become accustomed to his doll, I think it’s even brought him closer to people. He’s more open and responsive to communicating, and seems a lot happier overall. It’s a beautiful thing, and I’d wouldn’t stop him for the world.

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