jessica piper dolls sex

When Jessica Piper dolls first hit the market, I was thrilled! I had grown up watching the television show starring the same name and having a doll to dress up and play with seemed like a dream come true. I grabbed one right off the shelves and dildos took it home.

I remember being so excited to take off the plastic wrap and get it in the perfect dress. When I finally got her out of the box she was so beautiful. She had big blue eyes and long blonde hair and the clothing seemed so real. As I took her out and put her in different poses she almost looked alive!

When I was finished playing with her I realized what she was missing – sex. Even though she was dressed like a princess she was a little lacking in the sexy department. She needed some kind of sex appeal, so I started searching for vibrators ways to give her some!

I eventually stumbled across a website that was selling clothes and accessories specifically designed for the Jessica Piper doll. Now she had a whole wardrobe to choose from. From sexy lingerie to cocktail dresses, there was something for every occasion. I also found some accessories like high heels and necklaces that really gave her that extra bit of glamour.

I wasn’t done yet though, I wanted to take her sex appeal to the next level. So I found a few pictures of sexy Jessica Piper poses on the web and started playing around with my own version of what she could look like with them. With a few adjustments to the doll’s body and face I was able to recreate my own version of the sexy poses.

My friends were amazed when they saw my Jessica Piper doll. They couldn’t believe how much sex appeal she had, and they all wanted one for themselves! I’ve even gone online and shared some tips and tricks for other doll collectors on how to make their dolls just as sexy as mine.

I’m still in love with my Jessica Piper doll, and whenever I pick her up I’m reminded of all the effort I put into making her so special. I feel like it was all worth it in the end, and I’m so proud of the glamorous and sexy version of her I created. I’m sure my friends still envy me for having her, and I can’t see myself ever parting with her anytime soon.

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