It’s funny – the things that one sometimes spends their free time doing. Recently I was browsing the internet and came across something so strange I had to pause for a second to think: Doll Sex Free Videos. What? What in the world is Doll Sex Free Videos?

My curiosity was peaked. It turns out that Doll Sex Free Videos are videos of sexual acts between humans and doll-like figures. This could range from dolls with fully articulated independent portions, trusses, and other constructing pieces that take the shape, or resemble somewhat, of a human being.

What surprised me was the fact that these videos exist for free. Even stranger, there were reviews and feedback for these various videos. Many seemed to thoroughly enjoy and gave glowing reviews, along with ratings. As for me, I was in disbelief, wondering why such, well, ‘specialty’ videos were made available without payment when regular movies have subscription fees.

I could just imagine – searching through YouTube, I stumble across videos with titles such as Doll F***, Doll Sex Warrior, or Love Doll. Can you believe it? That’s why I was so astounded when I discovered these doll sex free videos.

I quickly began to do some research, scrolling through websites of people talking about doll sex videos and buying them. I soon discovered that not every video is free, that most of them come at a price. This made me think that maybe the free videos were somehow to obtain these people’s email address in order to market them these so-called “premium” videos.

Regardless of the political implications, the thoughts that had been running through my head about these doll sex free videos left a bitter taste in my mouth. On one hand, these videos are a fantasy that can be acted out, but at what cost? On the other, I can’t stop the urge to take part in these fantasies. Do we portray a society where all is fair in love and war or do we stifle the needs of people for their desires?

Needless to say, I am still quite confused by these free videos and the implications they bring. What about you? What do you think about this strange phenomenon?

Well, Penis Rings the more I looked into doll sex free videos, the more I had a lot of thoughts bouncing around my head, especially about the implications they bring. For starters, I find it quite problematic and disturbing that such sexual displays between humans and dolls are being done for free. It raises many questions: why video makers are willing to produce doll sex videos without any tangible earnings? What is the market for such materials? Are these videos degrading toward women or vibrators empowering for the act of consent?

All these questions and emotions lead me to one conclusion: society needs to do a better job in tackling our sex education. We need to educate people in consent and respect, in order to open up discourse that can reduce the proliferation of doll sex free videos. Freely accessible videos like these create a false reality, that sex can be enjoyed without connectedness and respect.

I am a firm believer that mutual consent and respect should be the foundations for any sexual relationship. Therefore, I really worry about these videos and the messages they bring to children and adults alike. Doll sex free videos might be presenting an altered version of how we should be engaging in sexual relationships and I think it should be talked about more. For most of us, this goes against our upbringing and moral codes.

Moreover, although we can recognize fantasies as a healthy way to explore human sexuality, I fear that these videos can cross boundaries between what is healthy and encourage extreme behavior. Doll sex free videos represent a one connection of physicality and emotion, without boundaries of respect. That is something I truly believe should be discouraged.

I understand this is a complex topic to tackle, but I’m sure that if we’re willing to speak up more about it and express our concerns, we can create a new dialog and create a positive change in the way we view and access these materials. So next time we are presented with an opportunity to enjoy a doll sex free video, it’s important to keep these thoughts in the back of our mind.

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