It’s crazy to think how far doll manufacturing has come in modern times. When I was a kid, the sex doll was basically a doll with an additional X-factor. But when I heard about dismembered sex dolls, my first impressions were far from pleasant.

What exactly is a dismembered sex doll? Well, it’s a type of doll that has its body parts, like arms and legs, disconnected. That’s not all, some of them even have their bodies covered in bandages to enhance the realism.

I haven’t seen a dismembered sex toys doll myself, but the idea of one is really unsettling. It’s almost too realistic to be comfortable, and it gives me the creeps even thinking about it.

But if we look at why they exist in the first place, there are some interesting insights. It turns out that some people prefer their dolls to have a dismembered look, which they find more realistic.

What I can’t seem to get my head around is the appeal of these dismembered dolls. I think it must have something to do with people wanting to be closer to their dolls than ever before.

I mean, it makes perfect sense. If you’re really into dolls, then having one that feels realistic is one of the most important factors. After all, who wants to buy a doll that feels like a plastic toy?

So when we talk about dismembered sex dolls, it’s worth noting that some people just want a more realistic experience with their dolls. And who am I to judge?

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