is it okay to use sex toys

I was a little uneasy when my best friend first told me she had started using sex toys. I had a hard time understanding what and why and then, when she openly talked about it, I was even more surprised! I mean, I was going to be totally honest here, I was a little taken aback. The thought of sex toys in general was a bit wild, quite frankly.

Initially, I was worried it was going to be uncomfortable or too much, or maybe even wrong. But my friend was adamant that it felt right for her and it was something she wanted to explore for herself. So after thinking about it for a while, I asked her to tell me more.

She said the vibrator was an incredible tool; it was helping her become more aware of her body and her own pleasure. She said it was providing a new kind of pleasure that was helping her explore different parts and sensations of her body. She said it was an enlightening experience and that it was making her calm, happy and content.

The more she described it, the less conservative I started to feel and I finally realized that sex toys weren’t just some kind of lewd taboo. In fact, I realized a huge portion of my attitude and opinion was based on what I had been taught and not on fact. That’s when I decided to look deeper into the science and sex toys history of sex toys and discovered something amazing.

I found out that sexual pleasure has been embraced since history, but it had been suppressed for some time due to religious and moral values. Even today, some find it embarrassing to talk about it openly. My research also revealed that using sex toys is perfectly normal and can help people explore their own sexual pleasure safely without the need for a partner.

By then, I could see why my friend was having such a positive experience using sex toys. Plus, if we really look at it objectively, it is actually quite liberating to know that we can freely explore our own sexual pleasure and experience better orgasms. So, after coming to my own conclusion, I decided that it was alright to try using a sex toy for pleasure.

My friend was very patient and understanding during my thought process and she offered to help me make an informed decision. So, I went online and did my research, read articles and reviews, and spoke to experts to gain a better understanding. Finally, I was ready to shop for my own sex toy!

I felt excited and a little nervous at the same time. My friend was kind enough to walk me through the procedure and she told me to start small. She suggested I choose a clitoral vibrator so I can learn the ropes without feeling overwhelmed. The moment I held my new vibrator, I felt intrigued and excited and I knew this was going to be an interesting journey.

Since then, I’ve started my own experiments and it’s been incredible. I am taking my time to completely explore my body, experiment different speeds, shapes and textures. It’s been such a unique experience! I have to say that I have never felt so connected to my own pleasure before.

At first, I was worried it may not be the right decision, but I was wrong. Sex toys are meant to provide pleasure, not replace relationships. After all these months, I can confidently say that it’s okay to use sex toys. In fact, they can have a tremendously positive impact on our sexual wellness. The education and empowerment we receive from understanding our own pleasure is simply invaluable.

At this point, I’m a dedicated advocate for recreational use of sex toys. I believe they are incredibly beneficial, both in the short and long term, and I highly recommend everyone to experiment with them at least once. After all, it is the perfect way to understand our body’s response to pleasure without feeling ashamed.

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