I was recently chatting with a close friend of mine, and we were discussing the various benefits of pump rings – specifically penis rings that fit over a pump.​ I must confess, I hadn’t heard of these things before, so this was all news to me.​ However, my friend seemed to be quite knowledgeable about them and started to explain how they work and the different types available.​

He explained that penis rings that fit over a pump are devices used for penis enlargement.​ Basically, they are two rings – one that fits around the base of the penis and another that fits just above that.​ The idea is that when you pump up the penis, the two rings help to trap the air and, in turn, expand the penis.​ Intrigued by this, I asked him to tell me where to get mine.​

“The best place to go is a sex store,” he said.​ “There you can find a range of sizes and types.​ But there’s one important thing to note: Don’t go for anything too tight, or you could end up doing damage to your penis.​” Good advice, I thought.​ But the truth is, neither of us had used a penis ring before, so any advice about sizing is based on what we had heard rather than any real experience.​

Anyway, I asked my friend what he thought were the pros and cons of the pump ring.​ He told me the pros were that it’s an effective way to increase penis size and that the rings help to maintain erection hardness for a longer duration – something I needed.​ Moreover, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other methods.​ On the downside, he said, it’s a bit uncomfortable and, in some cases, can cause bruising or Penis Rings irritation to the penis.​

After our conversation, I decided to do a bit more research into penis rings that fit over a pump.​ After reading up on it, I discovered that this style of pump ring comes with a few different variations.​ There is the traditional style, which is what my friend was talking about, but there is also a vibrating version that can provide additional stimulation.​ Additionally, there are different materials used for the rings – from rubber to silicone – and these different materials provide different levels of comfort.​

All in all, I thought that penis rings that fit over a pump seemed like an interesting device to explore.​ The idea of increasing penis size was appealing and the thought of having stronger erections was definitely appealing! I think it might be time to buy one and see what the results will be!

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