i want to be treated like a sex doll

I want to be treated like a sex doll. I’m sure most people cringe at the thought of it, but that’s how I feel, what I want and what I’ve become. It has been my goal to make myself look and feel like one.

I love the way my body looks and feels when I’m treated like a sex doll. I’m not talking about being objectified, but rather how I’m treated when I’m being admired and given attention.

I’m not talking about being ogled at and objectified, but rather the way a man may look at me and want me sexually out of admiration and respect. I enjoy the compliments and attention I get when I’m treated as an attractive sex doll.

The idea of being portrayed as a sex object empowers me in a way that I had never felt before. It’s as if I’m the master of my own destiny, and I’m able to do whatever I want because I’m being treated as if I’m invincible.

I also love the feeling of being spoilt by someone. To be taken care of in a way that no one else can. To be taken to places that only a sex doll can experience. It makes me feel special and loved.

I like to be appreciated for sex toys my good looks, sexiness and personality too. To be talked and treated as if I’m the only girl in the world. It makes me feel beautiful and desired.

In short, I want to be treated like a sex doll because it makes me feel attractive, admired and desired. But at the same time, I want to be respected and appreciated for who I am as well.

Now that I’ve explained my preference, let’s talk about how difficult it is to find someone who can really treat me like a sex doll. Firstly, it takes a man who is confident enough to be comfortable and open about sex. He must be able to respect my choice and not put me down for wanting to be treated like this.

Vintage VibratorsHe must also be understanding and accepting of my needs and desires. This means that he can’t treat me like a toy but rather a person. After all, I’m still a human being and not just a sex object.

It may also take a certain level of commitment from him to take me to places that will treat me as a sex doll and to always make sure I’m respected and appreciated. It can’t be just a few nights of passion, but rather a longer lasting thing.

Next, he must have certain skills and know how to seduce me the right way. He must be confident enough to talk to me and seduce me without making me feel uncomfortable.

But most importantly, I need someone who can make me feel comfortable enough to be able to let my guard down and enjoy moments of intimacy. He needs to be able to make me laugh and give me support even during awkward moments.

So, I’m looking for someone who is not only confident and understanding of my needs, but also committed, witty and emotionally supportive too. Someone who can treat me like a sex toys doll without making me feel objectified or disrespected. Is that too much to ask?

Now let’s expand on this topic further.

One of the biggest challenges of being treated as a sex doll is to keep things interesting. It can be quite challenging to keep my partner motivated to keep treating me in such a way for a prolonged period of time.

To ensure that things stay exciting for both of us, it’s important to explore different fantasies and be adventurous. We can try out different positions and scenarios that I would not feel comfortable trying out with someone else, like role playing and kink.

It’s also important that I stay in control, because feeling like I’m the one deciding the rules of the game helps to make me feel comfortable and in control. Hence, it’s important that my partner is okay with me being the “dominant” one at times.

I also need someone who understands boundaries. Not only must he understand that I’m not a toy, but he must also understand that there are certain limits to what I’m willing to do.

So, a good partner should also be able to respect and provide for my mental and emotional needs on top of the physical ones. In other words, he has to love me for more than my looks and be willing to explore other aspects of my personality and interests.

It’s not all fun and games when it comes to being treated as a sex doll. There are challenges involved, like dealing with the unrealistic expectations of others. People often assume that I’m comfortable with doing certain things because I’m being treated in such a manner.

It’s important to understand that this kind of relationship isn’t something that everyone is comfortable with and that it requires dedication and compromise. I’m sure that there are people who think that I’m too much of a “trophy” for one person, and that I should be shared.

It’s also important to be aware of potential exploitation. Sometimes people take advantage of my situation and mistreat me by either forcing me into things I don’t want to do or treating me like a commodity. This is why it’s important to be with someone who respects my limits and is willing to keep me safe.

Finally, it’s important to have an open dialogue with my partner and talk about what I’m comfortable with and what I’m not. It’s important that we discuss our expectations and boundaries beforehand, so that we both know where we stand and what we want from this relationship.

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