I recently found an interesting website, https male-masturbation.​tumblr.​com, and it got me thinking about the fascinating topic of masturbation.​ While it’s not something that’s discussed a lot in polite society, masturbation is a perfectly normal thing that most people can enjoy.​ It’s really about enjoying pleasure and exploring your body and sexuality.​ So, I thought, why not share some of my own experiences with masturbation.​

I’ve been experimenting with masturbation since I was a teen.​ It was a bit daunting at first, but I was curious and wanted to explore my sexuality.​ I got some advice on technique from a friend, which was helpful.​ First, I tried with just my hands.​ It felt really amazing, especially when I started to figure out what felt best to me and the areas to focus on.​ I learned that different speeds, pressures, and techniques can make a really big difference in how enjoyable it is and in what kinds of sensations I can experience.​

I discovered that when I tease myself a bit before building to the main event, the pleasure can be so much more intense.​ I like to also use lubricant and sex toys like vibrators and dildos to add even more spice.​ Changing things up means I can discover even more excitement during my experience.​ I also enjoy watching erotic videos and reading sexy stories.​ I love that I have this private time that lets me really relax and be in the moment.​ It makes me feel good on so many levels.​

And I am so much more aware of my body.​ My own pleasure and body image has become my own self-care routine.​ I know that masturbation is totally healthy and normal.​ It also gives me an excuse to give myself positive affirmation and treat my body with respect.​ And far from feeling guilty or ashamed, I take away feelings of self-love, comfort, and satisfaction.​

Masturbation is such a personal topic but it doesn’t have to be something to be embarrassed or ashamed about.​ It’s also a great way to get to know your body and how it feels.​ Virtual resources like https male-masturbation.​tumblr.​com are invaluable in helping to show people how to explore and enjoy the pleasures of self pleasure.​ I think everyone should feel empowered to enjoy this wonderful gift.​

Ultimately I tend to feel totally relaxed and euphoric after masturbation.​ It’s a wonderful opportunity to get in some quality “me time” and do something that makes me feel amazing.​ I also know that if I ever decide to have sex again, a little self pleasure can help to make it much more enjoyable.​ And of course, I always find ways to keep inventing and innovating as my experiences continue to evolve.​

In addition, I can learn more about the anatomy of the penis and better understand all the details related to male masturbation.​ Knowing how to identify all the important components involved and how to stimulate each one effectively can be incredibly helpful.​ I particularly enjoy playing with the head of the penis and the frenulum, both of which are really sensitive spots.​ The whole experience can be incredibly intimate.​

Exploring and pushing my own boundaries with masturbation can do wonders for self-confidence and mental health as well.​ I often try to surrender to the experience and be totally honest and open with myself.​ It’s a great way to produce dopamine naturally and just take some time to chill and de-stress.​ It’s pretty refreshing to focus more on pleasure than on performance goals.​

Another way I like to enjoy masturbation is by using different kinds of handjobs and strokes.​ Finding an effective hand motion can be really beneficial, as can incorporating different pressure and speed levels.​ Also, experimenting with different areas of the penis and with different kinds of lubricants may lead to incredible discoveries.​ And don’t forget about trying new positions.​ Even though it’s basically just different ways to touch yourself, these slight variations can trigger amazing sensations.​

I guess the bottom line is that male masturbation is a way to explore your own sexual organ and connect more deeply with yourself.​ Everyone’s experience will be different, and that’s part of the beauty of it.​ There is no shame in wanting to explore and enjoy your body, and no limit to the kinds of pleasure and satisfaction you can find.​ There is no standard approach; find what works for you and feel free to experiment as much as you like.​

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