I can’t believe I’m talking about mail penis pumps! Still, here I am.​ Before I tell you what they are, I want you to know that I’m not convinced that they’re the miracle cure-all that some internet sources suggest they are.​ With that out of the way, here’s the gist.​

Mail penis pumps are devices that are used to facilitate a man’s ability to cure erectile dysfunction and perhaps even increase the size of his penis.​ A penis pump consists of two components, a vacuum cylinder and vibrators a pump.​ The vacuum cylinder fits over the penis and creates a vacuum pressure when the pump is activated.​ This vacuum pressure causes an increased amount of blood to flow into the penis to create an erection.​

I found the whole idea of using a penis pump so abstract.​ It can feel quite awkward ordering something like this.​ I mean, you go and buy a toothbrush or a rubber and nobody bats an eye, but try standing in front of a clerk with a penis pump in hand and oh boy! But I digress.​

Anyways, the idea of the penis pump is that it does not just give you an erection but also helps to improve the quality of the erection.​ It also helps to increase the size of the penis, albeit not significantly.​ It’s not a bad idea but it’s definitely not the miracle as some would have you believe.​

The biggest issue I have with mail penis pumps is that they’re not a long-term solution.​ You can use the pumps for a few weeks but then you’re back to square one.​ I don’t want to give up my freedom just to have an erection or a bigger penis.​ I’d rather find a more permanent and healthier solution.​

Most pumps also require some level of maintenance to keep them in working condition.​ This is one of the reasons why I prefer to use natural remedies, such as massage, exercise, and dildos certain foods like garlic and ginseng.​ These remedies are proven to be effective and are easy to adopt in your regular lifestyle.​

Mail penis pumps are also quite expensive and they don’t come cheap.​ On top of the cost of the pump itself, you will also need to take into account any additional costs such as shipping, taxes, etc.​ So, if money is a concern, then you might want to stick with natural remedies.​

Plus, when using penis pumps, you have to be very careful.​ If you don’t use them properly, then you can actually end up damaging your penis.​ And that’s the last thing you would want to do! That’s why I advise consulting a doctor before using any form of penis pump.​

Having said all this, I think it’s quite clear that I’m not a fan of mail penis pumps.​ Don’t get me wrong, they have their uses and some people might find them helpful.​ But as for me, I would rather go with the natural remedies any day!

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