how to woman want to use sex toys

My best friend and I have been talking about trying sex toys for a while and now we both feel ready to dive in and explore the world of sex toys. We were curious what it would feel like to use a vibrator or to have some kind of hands-free stimulation. I told her I heard a lot of good things from my friends.

I decided to look online and see what all the fuss was about. But as soon as I saw all the potential options, I felt overwhelmed and intimidated. My friend said it was just a matter of finding something easy that we could both use and enjoy.

We started at the local sex toy shop. We were a bit nervous at first, but the staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and open-minded. We had a lot of questions about how to use the various toys, and the store owner had plenty of useful advice.

I soon felt a lot more comfortable browsing, and by the end of the trip, we both had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to try out. We ended up with an array of beginner’s sex toys: a clitoral vibrator, a remote control vibrator, and a pocket rocket.

We had a lot of fun experimenting with the new toys. We tried new positions, enjoyed exploring each other’s bodies, and felt the heat as we explored our desires. We discussed what kind of new sensations we felt and started planning out more adventurous explorations.

Next, we decided to move online and look at some of the more advanced sex toys. We found all sorts of high-tech devices that promised to give us the kind of pleasure that we were looking for. We read reviews, checked out videos, and got a lot more comfortable with the idea of using some of these toys.

We ended up settling on a few that we both thought would be the perfect fit for us. We got a strap-on harness, a bondage kit, and some massage wands. We spent hours discussing and experimenting with the different tools, and having a blast.

We then thought it would be a good idea to start exploring some of the more extreme sex toys, like an electric vibrator and more advanced bondage gear. Again, we spent time reading reviews and talking about all the different pleasures and sensations these toys could provide.

We quickly realized that there was no end to the adventures we could have, so we decided to keep exploring and find new ways to enjoy sex together. We found plenty of ideas, such as remote-controlled pleasure-causing devices, sophisticated “teledildonics”, and incredible sex toys specially designed for couples.

Exploring the world of sex toys has been an eye-opening experience. My best friend and I have come away with a better understanding of each other’s bodies and desires, and have plenty of ideas for future explorations. We’re now dedicated to opening the door to even more pleasure and excitement with our adventures in the world of sex toys.

Next step we took was to explore some sex furniture, as we wanted more comfortable positions and more freedom of movement. We found numerous options of furniture ranging from wooden benches and bondage tables to sex machines and swings. We had a lot of fun experimenting and figuring out which pieces worked the best for us.

We also took a trip to a sex party, to see what kinds of toys and activities people were using. We were surprised at how much fun everyone was having, and amazed at all the outrageous and creative setups. We met some great people who gave us plenty of inspiration for taking our own sex life to the next level.

We’ve now gone on to explore even more exotic sex toys, such as nipple clamps, vacuum toys, remote-controlled vibrators, and even sex robots. We make sure to always stay within our limits, focus on pleasure rather than pain, and take it slow.

By exploring different kinds of sex toys, we’ve opened up a whole new world of pleasure and excitement in our sex life. We’ve been able to show each other what we truly like and what hidden desires we both have. Being able to do that has added a whole new level of connection to our relationship.

We’ve also found a great way to explore the BDSM world safely, without having to push our boundaries too quickly. We’ve been using blindfolds, handcuffs, and a variety of bondage items, and it’s been an incredible experience, filled with a lot of fun and trust between us.

Last but not least, we have used sex toys for naughty role-playing, and it’s been an incredible experience for vibrators both of us. Sex toys give us the ability to explore different fantasies without feeling embarrassed, and it’s brought us closer together than ever before. We’ve giggled, blushed, and had some incredibly hot and steamy encounters.

Overall, we’ve had an amazing time exploring the world of sex toys. There’s something for everyone, and it’s amazing how creative you can be with these beautiful devices. Plus, sex toys have made us closer than ever, and we’ve had a blast discovering new parts of ourselves.

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