Well, I don’t know about you, but when I think about pleasure I immediately think about a masterbater sex toy for men. They offer such a unique experience and can add a whole new degree of intensity to intercourse. I mean, vibrators just the thought of stroking myself with a sleek, sensual device is enough to get me excited!

So, if you’ve ever considered using a masterbater sex toy for men, I’ve got the know-how you need to maximize your pleasure. I’ll share everything I’ve learned — from my experiences and from the professionals — so you can have the hottest session of self-play ever. And trust me, you’ll be thanking me later.

First off, you’ll want to find the perfect pleasure device. When choosing your masterbater sex toy for men, keep in mind that all devices react differently to each person’s natural hormones and dildos body chemistry. So remember to read the product descriptions carefully and take into account how much power and movement you want.

Once you’ve got your device, it’s time to prep for your session. You’ll want to make sure that you’re in the right mental space and ready to take full advantage of your masterbater. Take a hot bath or shower beforehand to make sure you’re totally relaxed. Dim the lights, get comfy and turn on some soothing music. Taking some deep breaths to get yourself in the zone can be really helpful, too.

Now, you’re ready to get to work. Start off by running your fingers over your skin and taking powerful breaths. Feel your body release all tension with each exhale and, when you’re relaxed, begin to explore yourself. Use your device to run up and down your shaft, press and circle your sensitive spots, and experiment with a variety of strokes and speeds. If you don’t know which type of sensations you prefer, just go wild — try different speeds, pressures, and textures to see which one feels the best.

It’s ok to change things up as you go along, too. In fact, that’s the whole point — mixing it up builds anticipation and adds more layers to your pleasure session. Keep track of which movements and speeds make you feel the best and double down on those.

When you’re ready to finish, just keep those same strokes you discovered to be the most pleasurable and let yourself go wild. Pretty soon, all the energy you’ve built up throughout your session will result in an explosive climax with a wave of intense sensations reverberating through your body.

Now it’s time to go deeper and experience even more pleasure. If you want to take your masterbation game to the next level, then I suggest using a lubricant. Using a lubricant allows you to make your device glide more smoothly and offers increased sensation during your session. Also, layer your touch with vibrating and sucking pulsations for a truly unique experience. Vibrations can help you to relax your muscles and add pleasure to your session. And sucking pulsations feel utterly explosive as they encase and pulsate on your penis.

You can also purchase a device that has numerous attachments, which can be swapped out for even more exhilarating sensations. These attachments range from ribbed to smooth and textured, which offer up both tightness and suction to maximize your pleasure. Additionally, using different warmers, coolers, and massage stones can bring a whole new level of sensation to your experience.

It’s also important to practice safe play. To make sure you keep your masterbater clean, replace the attachment with a new one if you’re planning to use it more than once. And don’t forget, it’s always important to use a condom if you’re exchanging fluids with your partner. Now that you know how to use a masterbater sex toy for men you’re ready to go out and experience the highest level of pleasure. So get out there and explore – and have some fun!

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