how to turn water balloons into a sex toy

As crazy as it sounds, you can actually turn water balloons into a sex toy. It’s a fun and unique way to spice up your sex life. I remember when my partner and I decided to try it out – we were both a little apprehensive but excited at the same time!

The first step was to blow up several water balloons of different sizes. We put a few drops of lube into each one, and then my partner tied them off tightly. We then placed them on the bed, and teased each other by swinging them around. The sensation that the balloons provided was absolutely incredible.

We then started to get a little creative with the water balloons. We experimented with different positions, and found that the balloons were a great way to add some extra stimulation. We used lube to slide them around each other’s body, and even attempted to penetrate with them. The sensation was different than anything we had ever experienced before.

The next step was to start using the water balloons in more adventurous ways. We tried placing them between our bodies, and as we moved around, the sensation of the balloons rubbing against each other was amazing. We then tried using them for oral sex and penetration. We found that having the balloons between our bodies made everything feel more intense.

We also decided to experiment with temperature play. We filled some of the balloons with hot or cold water, and vibrators then used them during foreplay. The feeling of the cool or warm balloons against our skin was sensational. : Buy 10 Speed Powerful Mini Bullet Vibrator USB Rechargeable Vibrators ...After exploring all the different possibilities, we found that the water balloons were an extremely versatile sex toy. Not only are they incredibly fun to play with, but they also add a unique element of surprise and novelty to your sex life.

We still use water balloons as a sex toy to this day, sex toys and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new and exciting way to spice things up in the bedroom. Plus, they’re so affordable and easy to use – what more can you ask for?

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