how to stretch your ass with dildos

My friend, when it comes to stretching your ass with a dildo, angling your body for maximum pleasure is key! First, I suggest lying on your back and propping a few pillows under your hips to get a better angle. This will help the dildo better access the fun spots inside your ass. Then, if it’s your first time, select a dildo that’s on the smaller size. You want to look for something with a rounded, bulbous head and a slightly curved body to hit all the right places.

My favorite thing to do when introducing a dildo is start slow. I’ll swivel the dildo around in a circular motion, then I’ll pull it out and press the head of the dildo against my anal opening and gently push it in a little. I tend to pause and rest in this position a few seconds before I ever think about going in fully. With a little bit of lube of course, I can push in a bit deeper and then repeat the process, getting more and more comfortable with the dildo inside each time.

Now for the perfect rhythm — that’s all up to you! Some people like to do fast thrusts, some people like slow, and some like a mix of both. See what feels best for you! Also, try experimenting with angling the dildo and exploring areas you haven’t before. You might find a few different erogenous zones you didn’t know about!

Once you feel relaxed and well-lubed, gradually push your dildo in further until you find the perfect spot. Muscle control is your best friend here. Relaxing your muscles will help you take it nice and slow. Don’t forget, it’s totally normal to worry about how much you can fit in. But fear not, once you’ve had a few practice rounds your confidence and muscle memory will improve drastically.

Now let’s talk about the best way to take out your dildo. First, you’ll want to try to relax and regenerate your nervous system before removing your dildo. Pause for a few minutes and patiently wait to adjust back to your body when taking the dildo out slowly and carefully.

Oh, and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for a successful dildo session. You did a great job! Not only did you successfully get your dildo in, but you’ve also trained your muscles for any dildo adventures you might have in the future. Now, don’t you feel proud?

In the next few sections I will talk about how to make sure your dildo is always safe and clean. Cleaning your dildo before and after use is an important step in the entire process because you don’t want any bacteria or other nasties to get into your body. Cleaning a dildo is pretty straightforward. You just need some antibacterial soap and a bit of water. Be sure to get all the nooks and crannies around the head and base of the dildo to make sure it’s squeaky clean.

Another great way to ensure your dildo is always clean and safe is to use a condom with it. Not only will this make it easier for you to clean, but it will also make it easier to insert. This is especially useful for larger dildos. And, if you’d rather not use a condom, make sure you use a condom-safe lubricant so your dildo and your body don’t get irritated.

Now, let’s talk about an important safety tip – lube. Lube makes everything smoother and more comfortable, so don’t skimp on lube! If the dildo is too slick, it might slip out or cause discomfort. And, if the dildo is too dry, it won’t feel good and might even end up irritating your skin and making you sore. Whatever lube you choose, just make sure it’s compatible with your dildo material.

Finally, something I’ve learned over the years – mix it up a bit! Try adding a vibrator to your dildo play to make things more interesting. Vibrators can add a whole new level of pleasure and will make every dildo session a whole lot more fun.

So, my friend, these are all the tips I have for stretching your ass with a dildo. Be safe, take it slow, and remember to always use lube. I hope you feel empowered by this information and are now ready to take on the world of dildo stretching!

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