how to make my own tpe sex doll

Making a custom TPE sex doll of your own design is a huge undertaking. It’s like a miniature version of 3D printing, except instead of a plastic, you’re using a special type of thermoplastic elastomer that is designed to feel and move like human skin. It’s an incredibly detailed process, so it’s best if you have some basic skills and experience working with it. First things first, you need to decide what type of dolls you want to make. Are you looking for an anatomically correct figure, or perhaps an abstract representation of a sexual partner? This will determine the type of thermoplastic elastomer you use, as well as the type and amount of details you need to develop.

Once you’ve settled on the type of sex doll you want to make, it’s time to get to work. You’ll need several tools to get started, including a hot glue gun, a doweling tool, a stirring rod and a heat gun. For the thermoplastic elastomer, you can purchase a premade blend for your specific needs, as well as any special additives you might need. Make sure to also get a spotting pen for coloring in more intricate details.

To begin with, you need to heat the thermoplastic elastomer until it is pliable and malleable. As it heats up, mix the blend with a stirring rod to ensure that everything is well combined. Once it reaches the temperature you need, it’s time to shape it into the desired form. This involves taking your doweling tool to shape the TPE into the jaw, arms, legs and torso. Use the hot glue gun to stick the pieces together if necessary.

When it comes to the details, a spotting pen is ideal for drawing on the face, lips and any other details you’d like to create. Take your time with this part, as it’s important to get it just right. If you need to, you can also use a small brush and some acrylic paint to give your doll a custom look. Then it’s time to heat the TPE once more to give your doll a shine and increase its malleability.

From here, you’ll need to make the clothing and accessories for your doll. This can be as simple or Penis Rings complex as you’d like it to be – from off-the-rack items to custom pieces. Once you have the clothing and accessories complete, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your TPE sex doll. This is where you can personalize it to the max, whether it’s adding extra detailing to the eyes and lip or accessorizing with jewelry.

Lastly, you’ll need to make sure that your doll is properly stored. It should be kept away from direct heat, sunlight and humidity to ensure that it retains its shape and elasticity. You should also spray it with a UV protection spray before displaying it. When it comes time to move your doll, make sure to use a padded box or container and store it out of direct sunlight.

10 Best Rabbit Vibrators Of 2020 For Masturbating, Per ExpertsMaking a TPE sex doll can be a fun and rewarding project, sex dolls but there are a lot of steps involved, from choosing the thermoplastic elastomer to making the final detailing and accessories. Once you’ve gained more experience and become more familiar with the process, however, you’ll be able to create some truly masterful works of art. Who knows, you may even become a renowned TPE sex doll maker!

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