I feel like everyone has some kind of sex toy in their bedroom drawer. Whether or not people want to admit it, sex toys are becoming increasingly popular. From vibrators and dildos to vibrating panties and butt plugs, it can be overwhelming for some trying to maintain their sex toy collection. Here are my tips on how to maintain sex toys.

First, always store your sex toys in a cool, dry place. Warm temperatures can make silicone toys melt and scentless, unpigmented toys can get stained if exposed to dampness. It’s usually best to store your toys in a sealed container, like a Ziploc bag. Second, make sure your toys are free of any excess lube or body fluids after each use. Sex toy cleaners can be found in most sex shops or online and can be used to thoroughly clean your toys.

Third, most toys require batteries to work properly and you should always make sure they are at full charge before using. Fourth, if you’re using an insertable toy, especially one made of metal, wood, or glass, make sure to cover it with a condom or other type of barrier before use. This will help keep them clean and make them last longer.

Fifth, most sex toys can be shared with your partner, as long as they are covered with a new condom each time. To make sure your toys are always sanitary, use a brand-new condom every time you and your partner use a toy and dispose of it afterwards. Sixth, use water-based lubes where possible, as these are compatible with most types of sex toys.

Seventh, do a weekly deep clean of your sex toys. Many sex toys can be submerged in a bowl of water with a few drops of mild soap or run through your dishwasher. Make sure you thoroughly rinse them afterwards and dry before storing.

These are my tips on how to maintain sex toys. It’s not always easy, but with a little effort, your toys can last you a long time. Have fun and be safe!

One way to make sure your sex toys stay fresh and last longer is to separate your toys into different categories. For instance, you may want to have a different set for glass, silicone, metal, or plastic toys. Doing this can help preserve the material and make sure that it doesn’t become warped, ripped, or stained. Another way to keep your sex toys in tip-top condition is to use containers specifically made for storing them. Not only can these keep your toys organized, but they also create an extra layer of protection from the elements as well as potential contamination.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re using the right type of lube for your sex toys. Oil-based lubes can damage silicone toys, while silicone-based lubes can sometimes deteriorate rubber and latex sex toys. Using a water-based lube will help prevent any damage to your toys and also make them easier to clean afterwards. Be sure to use the lube sparingly though, as too much lube can be uncomfortable and make a mess.

If you want your sex toys to last even longer, investing in a wand massager can be a great idea. Wand massagers are typically used to provide intense stimulation to the clitoris or other erogenous zones during solo play. But they can also be used to keep your toys vibrating at their best. Wand massagers come in all shapes and sizes and can easily be used to rejuvenate and revive even the oldest of toys.

Finally, it’s important to remember to always check your toys before use. If you notice that your toy is cracked, torn, or has some kind of strange smell, it’s safest to discard it. Putting your health and safety first is the best way to make sure you get the most out of your sex toys for years to come.

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