how to clean silicone abs plastic polyurethane sex toys

Hey, friend. Today I’m going to talk about how to clean silicone ABS plastic polyurethane sex toys.

I know you might think this sounds like a hassle, but it’s really not! From my own experience with using various sex toys, keeping them clean is actually quite easy. And trust me, it’s absolutely worth the effort.

First, let me start off by stressing the importance of cleaning sex toys. While it might seem like a pain, it’s really essential for preventing any kind of contamination or infection. Not to mention, sex toys makes them last longer in the long run.

I always start with the same two ingredients: mild soap and warm water. I mix the two together and use a gentle cloth to give it a good scrub. Then, I rinse everything off with plain warm water.

Next, if you have an ABS plastic or dildos polyurethane sex toy, it’s highly recommended that you use a special liquid cleaner or mild antibacterial soap. Just mix a few drops of it with warm water and use the same gentle cloth to clean. Again, rinse with plain warm water after.

Finally, if you have a silicone sex toy you’ll need to take extra care. Since regular soap and liquid cleaners can be too abrasive, it’s best to use a special reactive cleaning agent like the ones specifically made for silicone toys.

Mix the cleaner with warm water and use a gentle cloth to scrub. You may want to avoid direct contact with the metal parts as some cleaning agents can corrode. When you’re done, rinse off with plain warm water and then use a dry cloth to pat it completely dry.

And that’s it! These steps will help you keep your sex toys clean and sanitized for complete peace of mind and optimal use.

To go one step further, I also suggest that you keep them clean in between each use. That way, you don’t need to worry about putting anything inside your body that could potentially cause any kind of harm.

So, what do you think? I feel like maintaining sex toys really isn’t that hard. Of course, it’s important to remember to be super gentle when cleaning. That way, it’s easier to keep them in peak condition for longer.

But that’s not all. To make the maintenance process even easier, you can also get some extra goodies – like cases or bags – so that the toys don’t come into contact with anything else that might damage them. Plus, they’ll be easier to transport and store.

Another helpful tip is to check the manufacturer’s directions that come with every toy. They’ll usually tell you what cleaning products you should and shouldn’t use, as well as any special storage considerations. That way, you can easily ensure proper care for each type of sex toy.

I’m sure that if you followed all of these steps, your sex toys will remain in perfect condition – and you should be able to enjoy them for a long time! So, what do you say – are you going to give it a try?

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