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When it comes to self pleasure and enjoyment, silicone dildos are definitely at the top of the list – no wonder they are called “bad dragons”! But how *exactly* are these magnificent pieces of artcrafted? After playing around with my own Bad Dragon, I was left wondering how the intricate and detailed designs were created.

First of all,Bad Dragon employs an extensive team of passionate artists who design the impressive pieces you see online and in stores. They use advanced 3D models to craft the designs with precision and even create a unique texture and feel that’s completely unique to Bad Dragon Dildos. The manufacturing process starts with using only the best grade of medical grade silicone which is then heat cured to make it strong, durable, and of course, body safe. This means that the dildos are non porous and also absolutely free from any kind of toxic additives.

Next, the silicone is poured into 3D printed moulds which are used to shape the dildo in the desired unique design. Once the mould is filled, the dildo is left to cool until it takes shape. Depending on the design, each mould can take multiple pours and cool downs for optimal results. The artists here at Bad Dragons can create incredibly intricate details like crystalline patterns and scales, which are impossible to achieve with traditional methods.

Once the dildos are removed from the moulds, they are polished to perfection. Airbrushing and additional detailing is added to the pieces by hand for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind dildo. After that, the dildos are thoroughly inspected for any defects or flaws that might be present and as a final step, they are packaged and shipped off to be loved and used by its rightful owners.

It’s no wonder then why Bad Dragon dildos are the must-have items for self pleasure. The impressive level of detail and artistry put into each dildo is simply breathtaking. It’s really no surprise that these unique creations by Bad Dragon are some of the most sought-after items by connoisseurs of adult pleasure. Even fantasy enthusiasts get their fix from the numerous mythical creature inspired dildos by Bad Dragon. The attention to detail is unreal!

The second sections of the topic of ‘how are Bad Dragon silicon dildos made’ explains even more of the detail put into the impressive pieces. Like how the different colors and patterns are added to the dildo. Bad Dragon utilizes an advanced dying process to ensure the longevity of the colors. This dying process involves the use of opacifiers that help give the dildo a smooth, lustrous and shimmery finish. Some of the most beloved dildo designs in their range have been created with this coloring process.

The company also uses the same silicone to create its exotic range of Bad Dragon sex toys. These include vibrators, anal plugs, and other customizable toys. All of the toys are designed with optimal pleasure and safety in mind. The silicone used for these sex toys is odorless, non toxic and smooth to the touch which makes them perfect for both beginners and experienced pleasure seekers!

Additionally, Bad Dragon takes extra steps in their production process to ensure the safety of their customers. Each and every order of the company’s products undergoes an extensive quality control inspection to make sure it is up to the strict standards of the company. Quality is key and the company doesn’t take any shortcuts when designing and manufacturing their items.

It takes a great amount of skill and dedication to craft the wonderful creations that Bad Dragon has become known for. From the initial design work, to the intricate pouring and sculpting of the mold, to the color dying process, to the quality control checks every step of the way, the team at Bad Dragon takes its craft seriously and ensures that the products they release are of the highest quality. No wonder their range of toys and dildos are highly sought after by connoisseurs of pleasure and fantasy enthusiasts alike!

To further understand how these Bad Dragon silicone dildos are created and made, the third section of this topic discusses the attention to detail that the person or team of people goes through when crafting and creating the intricate pieces. Everything from small details like scale patterns to larger details like customization and airbrushing is put into every dildo you can purchase from the company.

This attention to detail in areas like sculpting, painting and even customizing aspects of the dildo creates a truly unique and one-of-a-kind product for all the Bad Dragon dildo lovers out there. You can get a dildo that is specifically tailored to you and your likes, as the team can accommodate requests to give you a personal lifetime experience every time!

In terms of the overall manufacturing process, you may be wondering who does all the work? Bad Dragon relies on an experienced team of sculptors, painters, designers and molders to create their highly sought after dildos. Each person in the crafting team takes painstaking care in each step of the process, from molding the shape of the dildo right down to the smallest of details.

The level of detail isn’t limited to just the sculpting and painting aspects of the dildo either, the company has also implemented a few processes such as a color dying process and a quality control check which ensure that the finished product is nothing less than amazing.

The fourth sections of ‘how are Bad Dragon silicone dildos made’ discusses the importance of molding techniques in the manufacturing process.

The molding techniques used to create the perfect dildo are essential for both safety and pleasure. Without the proper and specific measurements, the dildo might not be safe or have that perfect look, feel and texture that is desired. The team at Bad Dragon will meticulously work to generate the proper molds to perfectly fit the body and provide a pleasurable experience.

With advanced 3D models, the team is able to craft a design and carve the details and patterns that give it the Bad Dragon look and feel. This includes unique textures like ridges or spikes to give it that perfect grip and perfect amount of stimulation. Every dildo that is made is truly a labor of love and dedication.

When it comes to the quality control, nothing is overlooked when it comes to the processes involved in crafting these top of the range dildos. Bad Dragon uses a specialized silicone that not only is body safe but also non-toxic as well. After the silicone is cured and poured into the mold, it is left to cool and shaped into its design.

Once the dildo is out of the mold, it is inspected for any possible defects that could occur with the silicone or the shape. After that, it is airbrushed and any additional detailing is added to the piece by hand. Lastly, the dildo is packaged and shipped to customers to be enjoyed and taken care of.

Finally, it is crucial to note that Bad Dragon also does not forget to add fun features to its range of dildos. For those interested in fantasy and sci-fi vibes, dildos inspired by mythical creatures like dragons, vampires or other fun creatures is available.

The last section of the topic ‘how are Bad Dragon silicon dildos made’ explains and summarises the unique quality control that goes into creating a unique and pleasurable dildo.

When it comes to pleasure products, safety and quality are of the utmost importance, and that’s why Bad Dragon makes sure that no dildo that leaves their establishment is not made to their exact standards. Handling every aspect of the production process with an eye for detail, every step of the way, the team at Bad Dragon leaves no aspect of the manufacturing process unchecked.

This results in a finished product that has passed through numerous checks and inspections to ensure that it meets their exact standards. From the 3D modelling to the heat curing and curing process, to the airbrushing and customizing of the dildo, there are many steps involved in the process to make sure the highest quality dildo is delivered to the customer.

The dedication and commitment of the team at Bad Dragon are unparalleled when it comes to crafting beautiful and pleasurable dildos. With every aspect of the production of a dildo from the designing, modeling, sculpting, painting, dying, and finally, the quality control, they make sure that you are getting a product that is entirely unique and built to last.

So the next time you are considering buying that perfect dildo, remember that Bad Dragon is the perfect option. With their attention to detail, their passion for creating amazing products and their rigorous quality control process, you can rest assured that you are getting a product that is worth the price.Vintage sex toys in pictures | Pictures | Pics |

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