Hi there! Guess what I did last weekend? I went to a party and saw a sex doll there. Now normally, people at parties talk about movies, games and music, but this time it was all about jokes about sex dolls. It was so uncomfortable yet hilarious at the same time.

I was taken aback at the amount of humor I heard that night. People were cracking jokes left and right about these dolls. It was a riot! Everyone was so into it. One person said all sex dolls should come with a “no returns” policy. Someone else said that sex dolls will make the perfect dog walkers because they don’t bark. Everyone wailed with laughter.

Someone said that sex dolls are ideal for singles who want to sing karaoke but can’t carry a tune. Apparently, she thought that the doll won’t judge you if you hit a few wrong notes.

One of the funnier jokes was about an individual looking to buy a sex doll. He asked the store clerk, “Do you have any blondes?” And the clerk replied “No, all our sex dolls are brunettes.” We rolled over laughing!

I still can’t believe how creative people can be when it comes to sex dolls. One person said that sex dolls are the perfect companion for dildos a lonely night. She said being lonely is sad but sex dolls never reject. Of course, the room became silent after her comment.

We continued with lighter jokes and then someone said that sex dolls develop better relationships than most humans. On this, the debate began as to this statement was true or Penis Rings false. Some agreed while others denied. That’s when I noticed how even something jokes about sex dolls can bring out different points of view.

All I can say is that it was an interesting experience with a mix of emotions. Boisterous laughter and occasional silence were the highlights of the party. I guess jokes about a topic like this bring out the honest opinion of people. No matter how humorous our conversations got, they still stayed levelheaded. It was a party I’ll never forget.

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