greta thunberg sex doll

Oh my! I can’t believe there’s a Greta Thunberg sex doll! I recently heard about it and immediately thought it was outrageous. It actually reminded me of something out of a sci-fi movie! What is the world coming to? A Greta Thunberg sex doll? It really got me thinking about society, our norms, and what we consider appropriate and inappropriate.

I mean, if a person is an adult and wants to buy a sex doll of a famous person for their own personal desires, I guess that’s their business. But a sex doll of a 16 year old activist? That just seems wrong at so many levels. I’m not responsible for vibrators anyone else’s opinion or feelings on the matter, but it still doesn’t sit right with me—to create a sex doll of a minor? That just feels creepy and wrong.

Besides, Greta is an inspirational leader who is inspiring young people around the globe to stand up for their rights and fight climate change. To reduce her and her work into a sex doll just seems wrong and disrespectful to me. It’s as if the creators of the doll are not taking her and her work seriously, and just seeing her as an object for pleasure.

I did some research and found out that the doll isn’t even publicly available–it’s a customised made-to-order creation. It’s made by a company which specialises in celebrity-based sex dolls and has only made three so far. There’s no denying that a Greta Thunberg sex doll is a product of demand, but what kind of demand is that? It’s just morbid curiosity, to be honest.

What’s even more strange is that for those who order the Greta Thunberg sex doll, the company will only make it if they agree to give a large portion of profits to the Greta Thunberg Foundation. I find it hard to believe that the creators are honourable, but on the other hand, I guess it’s better that they at least donate some money than nothing!

I can only imagine what Greta would say about the existence of a sex doll of her! I’m sure she wouldn’t be too pleased with it. After all, she stands for much more than being an object for others’ pleasure. She is an advocate of unpaid, teen climate activists all across the globe and is raising awareness on the urgency to protect our environment.

On a final note, I believe that the Greta Thunberg sex doll is inappropriate on so many levels. It’s just not appropriate on any level, no matter how much money the company is giving to Greta’s foundation. To me, it’s the height of disrespect to make a sex toy out of a minor who is already a figure of respect and admiration.

That said, the world has changed a lot in recent years and maybe I’m too old-fashioned. What do you think? Should the Greta Thunberg sex doll be taken down or should we accept it as something that is commercially available?

I know that the Greta Thunberg sex doll has definitely got people talking and has sparked an interesting debate all around the world. It’s true that the Greta Thunberg doll is a novelty item and its availability is based on demand, but that doesn´t mean it should be encouraged. I feel like the environment shouldn´t be turned into a joke by creating a sex doll of Greta Thunberg.

We need to think about her status and respect it, as she deserves more than being objectified in such a form. In addition, it could be seen as an attempt to capitalize on her fame, detracting from her message as a climate activist and putting her in an uncomfortable position amidst a moral discussion.

What’s more, this also reflects the message that we are sending to younger generations, suggesting that celebrity status can open certain doors even in bizarre contexts. It’s true that it’s each person’s individual right to create whatever sex doll they want and base their fantasies off of it, but this Greta Thunberg Doll is taking it to a whole other level.

I know it’s hard to reconcile but I believe that we all need to take a step back and understand that a Greta Thunberg sex doll is never appropriate. We need to learn to respect people’s privacy and not turn them into objects just to satisfy our personal needs. I really don’t think that Greta deserves to be put in such a position and I hope we can all make a stand against the Greta Thunberg sex doll.

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