girls have you ever masturbated your male friend

Girls Have You Ever Masturbated Your Male Friend?

Well, this is a funny question, isn’t it? It’s definitely one I haven’t heard before.​ I mean, the quickest answer to this would be a resounding ‘no!’ but after giving it a few more moments of thought I realized it’s not quite that simple.​

The truth is, in my experience, masturbation between friends of the opposite sex toys is something that’s far more complicated than a simple ‘no’ would suggest.​ As much as this whole topic is incredibly awkward to think or talk about, it’s worth exploring.​

When I was in college, I remember a few of my friends and I discussed the possibility of one of our guys masturbating one of us girls.​ The mere prospect of it was so exciting, yet we weren’t sure how it would work – if it could even work – and mostly we were too shy to inquire further.​

One thing that we all agreed on was that, even if it was possible, we definitely couldn’t go down this road without a lot of mutual trust and understanding, something that can take years and sometimes lifetimes to develop.​

So, after much contemplation, we just brushed the whole idea off with a cheeky, “Maybe someday!”

Now, that being said, I do think there can be certain situations where masturbation between friends could happen naturally.​ It’s not something I’ve ever experienced, but I can see how, if both parties were into it and felt comfortable, it could be an incredibly intimate and enjoyable experience.​

Anyway, that’s my personal take on the whole topic.​ It’s definitely a ‘you do you’ kind of conversation.​ Every situation, every person is different.​ Whether you’ve actually done it, or if you’re just curious, there’s no right or wrong answer.​

Okay, enough about the idea of masturbation between friends, let’s actually explore how this could be possible.​

Firstly, for such an intimate thing to occur, there should be an immense amount of trust and respect between the couple.​ It takes a lot of vulnerability to reach an appropriate level of comfort before even attempting something like this.​

Assuming that these two factors have been established, then the actual act of masturbating could proceed.​ There are so many ways to do this.​ The most basic way is for the more experienced partner to show the other partner the ropes.​ Doing it in an adventurous way, such as trying various positions and techniques, can also spice things up.​

Of course, there are tons of toys and accessories available if you want to take the sexual experience to the next level.​ For example, sex swings and vibrators are both things one can use.​ Additionally, condoms are a must to ensure safe sex and to prevent any unwanted diseases.​

Finally, if this is something that’s being done for the first time, it is also important to experiment in different, but comfortable stakes, as not everybody likes the same intensity.​ This will eventually lead to a successful and productive experience.​

Now, it’s worth mentioning that masturbation between friends isn’t only limited to sex – there’s much more to it than that.​ Apart from the connection given through physical touch, there are emotional bonds that can be formed through hand holding, talking, and even cuddling.​

In fact, it has been scientifically proven that the combination of physical and emotional sensations can heighten the experience of pleasure.​

Moreover, it’s also very important to talk about the precautions that need to be taken if a couple is engaging in such an intimate activity.​ This includes: not forcing anyone to do something they are not comfortable with, making sure to be careful not to hurt the other partner, establishing proper communication between both partners, adhering to individual boundaries and respecting the other partners comfort level.​

However, if done safely and with mutual consent, then masturbation between friends can be an incredibly intense and pleasurable experience that has the potential to bring them closer together.​

In fact, in some cases, this could even bring excitement and awaken passions in individuals that had not realized their sexual potential before.​

All in all, if you are considering engaging in such an intimate experience, I would advise that you take your time to think about the situation before taking any drastic steps.​ Consider all the factors discussed herein, and take into account the potential risks and rewards.​

Hopefully, this helped answer your question about whether it is possible for friends of the opposite sex to engage in mutual masturbation.​ Personally, I think it’s definitely something that can bring people closer together, but as with anything else, it would still be up to the couple to explore in their own time and find out what works best for them.​

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