fem dom male slave masturbates

So I was talking to my friend and we got onto the rather naughty topic of Fem Dom Male Slave Masturbation.​ At first I was a bit embarrassed about the whole thing as it’s not usually the type of conversation you’d have with your mates.​ But my friend was so excited and told me about his experience with it and I had to hear more.​

I must say, it sounded rather intriguing – a Fem Dom dominating a male slave while making him pleasure himself.​ My friend said it gave him a real thrill and really pushed his boundaries.​ He told me that he was chained or bound during the whole ordeal as his Mistress watched and encouraged him to pleasure himself.​ She was very strict about it, he said, and kept making sure he did as he was told.​

It definitely seemed like an experience that was both alluring and intimidating at the same time.​ I was surprised to hear that my friend found it to be a liberating experience.​ He said that he felt totally out of control but it was the kind of out of control that he wanted.​ As he put it, the Fem Dom was there to guide him without being too controlling.​

My friend also told me that it was a real test of his self-control.​ Not only did he have to pleasure himself in front of his Mistress, but he also had to hold himself back from achieving pleasure too quickly.​ He said it was an exercise in patience and mental control that he quite enjoyed.​

The thing that really fascinated me about the experience was how much he learnt about himself.​ He described how he learnt a lot about his limits and Penis Rings how far he could push himself when it came to his sexuality.​ He found it to be very liberating, as he exploring parts of himself that he hadn’t known before.​

The Fem Dom was a great teacher, my friend said.​ She was patient and supportive but also very strict and uncompromising when it came to making sure her slave followed instructions.​ She showed my friend a whole new way of exploring and understanding his own sexuality.​

As you can probably tell, I was really impressed by my friend’s experience.​ He seemed to really enjoy it and talked about it with such enthusiasm.​ I must say it really made me intrigued and I started to think that maybe I should give it a try.​

The more I heard about it, the more interested I became and so I did some research myself.​ I read up about Fem Dom Male Slave Masturbation and dildos all the different scenarios involved.​ I was fascinated by the idea and really wanted to try it out.​

I think I’m ready now.​ I believe it’s the kind of experience that could help me understand and explore parts of myself that I haven’t thought about before.​ I’m sure it’ll be intense, thrilling and incredibly rewarding.​ All I need is the right Dom and I”m set!

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