do sex toys help last longer reddit

I remember the first time I heard about sex toys helping people last longer in bed. I was at a party, having a casual conversation with a friend of mine, when the topic came up. “Surely that’s just a myth, right?” I asked. She just laughed and told me she had personally tried using a sex toy and dildos that it actually worked.

“It was amazing,” she said. “I could last twice as long as I normally could. I felt so much more confident and in control when I was using it.” That was when I became intrigued by this whole concept. So I decided to find out more and do some research.

I turned to Reddit, where there is no shortage of people talking about sex toys and how they help with intimacy. I quickly found out that there is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence floating around. People have posted about all kinds of helpful tips and stories related to sex toys, and how it can really make a difference in bedroom performance.

One story that really stuck out to me was a couple recounting their experience using a ‘rhythm machine’. It basically regulates the speed of the sex act, and apparently lengthened their intimacy sessions by quite a bit. That honestly seemed like a pretty awesome way to make sex last longer.

Everyone I talk to seems to have their own personal preference when it comes to sex toys. Some like vibrators, while others prefer anal beads. For me personally, I’m looking for something more like a ‘sex partner assistant’ – it’s like a tool to help me last longer and get more pleasure during sex.

I also came across a few interesting opinions from Reddit users. Some think that yes, sex toys can help with lasting longer in bed. Others say that you should focus more on communication, understanding each other’s bodies, and then use sex toys as a little extra something.

This is something I’m still trying to figure out. What is the best way to use sex toys to help you last longer in the bedroom? Right now, I feel like I’m still exploring and trying new things. I’m hoping to find the combination that works for me, so I can give my partner the ultimate experience every time.

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