did dildos always exist

Dildos have been around for thousands of years! Who knew?! I recently dove into researching this fascinating topic and was amazed by the amount of information out there. I was also surprised by how diverse the culture surrounding them is.

First, did you know that the word “dildo” used to refer to a puppeteer’s arms in the 1400s? It wasn’t until the sixteenth century that it began to take on its modern meaning of “an object used for sexual stimulation”. But the concept of using objects such as wooden phalluses and stone versions of male genitalia for sexual pleasure has been around far before our modern language ever was.

I’ve even stumbled upon pieces of evidence of ancient cultures around the world, such as the Greeks, Romans, Penis Rings and Egyptians, who all used such objects for sexual pleasure. I’m sure this practice didn’t become a concept out of nowhere, but it does give us an insight into different cultures practices from so long ago.

It isn’t just ancient practices that fascinate me either. Did you know that in the 1950s, sex toys weren’t even considered a real thing? They were looked down upon and seen as shameful objects in some circles. This certainly makes me appreciate my way of life now just a bit more!

Plus, the industry has come a long way. No longer are we confined to basic shapes and phallic designs. Now the market is full of innovative designs, new materials, and even an increasing number of color choices. It’s really the golden age of pleasure objects and I’m grateful to have access to so many different options!

In my opinion, there is still much to be done in this area. Whether it’s more innovative designs or widening the selection, there is always something we can do to make the industry even better. Although it was a long journey to get to this point, I’m glad we are finally here.

And finally, even though dildos existed in some form for centuries, it seems like our society is currently going through a sort of dildo revolution. Not only are there more options than ever before, but many people are finally beginning to embrace their sexuality and be open about planning to use them. For me this is a sign of how far we’ve come!

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