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super realike male masturbator products

I was recently doing some research on male masturbator products and found some pretty impressive ones that looks super realistic.​ As someone who had never used a homemade male masturbator masturbator before, I was skeptical at first, but after reading some reviews and checking out the product photos, I was super intrigued.​ The first thing […]

Well, I’m pretty sure most of my friends don’t know what a transparent male masturbation sleeve is—and that’s totally okay, because before this week, I didn’t either.​ After doing a bit of research, though, I’m here to tell you everything I’ve learned.​

As it turns out, a translucent male masturbation sleeve is a plastic tube designed to fit around a man’s penis like a glove.​ It’s usually lined with a soft, why isn’t my penis pump working flexible material on the inside.​ The goal of this toy is to recreate the sensation of manual stimulation, often leading […]

I have just heard some really news about a new “Curvy Sex Doll Innocent”. At first, I was a little taken aback; after all, what does innocence have to do with this kind of doll? But then I started to think about it, and let me tell you: this doll is not only pretty cool – it’s also downright shocking!

To begin with, the doll is anatomically correct right down to her curvaceous, shapely body. She’s crafted from a soft, supple medical-grade silicone that feels real to touch – her skin has texture, and she’s even got fine details on her head, including blue eyes, chestnut-colored hair, full lips, and even rosy cheeks. Basically, she’s […]

nipple masturbation male

It’s normal to be curious about our sexuality, especially as adults.​ That curiosity often includes exploring the possibilities of masturbating with your own body parts.​ Nipple masturbation is one such activity and it’s gaining in popularity lately.​ As someone who has explored nipple masturbation for a while, I know firsthand how amazing it can be! […]

es malo masturbarse en hombres

Es malo masturbarse en hombres es una pregunta difícil de contestar.​ ¿Por qué? Porque hay una gran cantidad de opiniones divergentes al respecto.​ ¡Ay! En mi opinión, depende de tu punto de vista: si eres una persona conservadora, entonces lo verás como algo malo; si eres más liberal, hay muchas personas que considerarían que no […]