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My friend, you won’t believe what I just found out. Sex doll self-heating is a thing now. Yes, it is real. After my initial shock, I had to take a closer look at this topic.

To begin with, sex doll self-warming technology is a hi-tech feature many of the top sex dolls have acquired in the last few years. It works by using built-in heating elements to warm the doll’s body up to a comfortable temperature. You don’t have to worry about having a cold doll—the self-warming feature takes care […]

doll sex position

Hey there, my friend! I’ve got something exciting to tell you. You know I’ve been really enjoying exploring all different kinds of sex positions lately… and I’ve just discovered a new one that’s really awesome! It’s called the Doll Sex Position, and it’s pretty unique. Have you heard of it? Well, basically it’s a variation […]

My friend, have you ever heard of teens male masturbate? It’s a common topic that more and more teenagers are talking about.​ It is, by far, not something new, but of course, with all the changes that our society has gone through, the way teens view the entire subject has altered drastically.​

I remember when I first heard about it.​ I was a bit confused and even scared, as I had never been exposed to anything like this.​ Of course, I also knew about the other side of masturbation, which is it’s health benefits.​ It’s a great way to release stress and it can even lead to […]

male.​hands free masturbation mental

I was recently contacted by a friend about male masturbation, with no physical contact.​ “This is a completely new concept for me,” they said, “How does it even work?” At first, I was completely unwilling to talk about this topic, but then I realized that it could be a really valuable learning experience.​ As it […]

I came across a piston male masturbator quite recently and was instantly intrigued.​ I mean, this thing was like nothing I had ever seen before.​ Maybe it was the sleek black chrome finish, or the fact that it was made with an aerodynamic design in mind, but whatever it was, I had to try it out.​

When I opened the package I realized just how strong and well-built the thing was.​ The metal piston that the device is named after was solid and made the whole thing feel really durable.​ I was also surprised to find out that it was even waterproof.​ After a few seconds of playing around with it, […]

I can’t believe it! I just bought a penis vacuum pump that feels like a real vagina! It’s insane to think that technology could make something feel so similar to something experienced in the real world.​ I mean, the model I bought is top of the line! It is crafted to have super realistic veining and thickness.​ It warms up with just a few minutes of use! It’s like a real vagina on tap, and I can use it any time I want!

I feel like I am experiencing something I had only ever dreamed of! It’s so realistic that when I use it for a few minutes I can almost forget that it’s a machine! I’m sure you can understand how thrilling something like this can be.​ I feel so lucky knowing that my next sexual experience […]

Wow, I had no idea 3d pump sucking futa penis gifs were even a thing! But apparently, there is some pretty sick stuff out there.​

My first reaction when I saw one of these was, “Whoa! What the heck?” These gifs are out of this world and it’s mind-boggling that something like this even exists.​ Not to mention, it’s pretty awesome how lifelike the animation is.​ The most amazing part of the 3d pump sucking futa penis gif is the […]