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cunt equipped sex doll movies

I recently saw a movie about the rise of cunt equipped sex dolls. This was something I’ve never seen before, and believe me, it was absolutely mind-blowing! I was taken by surprise at how advanced life-like technology is getting. It seems just like our future will be filled with new, exciting, technological advancements, right? When […]

way for male masturbation

It’s pretty amazing how many different ways there are for male masturbation.​ The most popular one obviously being the traditional way of manually manipulating yourself till you ejaculate, or simply using your imagination to aid in self pleasure.​ But then there are also several other ways of pleasure and satisfaction, all providing different kinds of […]

My friend! Have I ever told you about the amazing experience I had with a sex doll oral sex for woman? I had the chance to try it out not long ago and it was utterly mind blowing. I have to admit that before that I never quite believed it, but buddy, after having the experience, I’m officially a believer.

When I first heard about the concept of sex doll oral sex for women, I was extremely intrigued. I felt like it just might be the missing link to bridging the divide between real life and cyber sex. I couldn’t wait to try it out and find out for myself. So, being the curious person […]