can baby oil be used for masturbation male

I recently heard about the possibility of using baby oil for male masturbation and couldn’t help but be curious about it.​ After doing some research, I discovered that baby oil can in fact be used safely for solo play sessions.​ Of course, no one should be pushing their boundaries too much with this, but it can be a great way to add to the pleasure if used safely.​

As someone who loves to experiment with new options for pleasure, I was eagerly excited and decided to give it a try.​ I purchased a bottle of baby oil and some condoms, just to be safe.​ I had a feeling I was about to level-up my intimate pleasure sessions and was super ecstatic to give it a try!

When I got home, I poured some baby oil into the palm of my hand and spread it all over my penis.​ The oil felt cool and silky against my skin, and I must admitted I was totally impressed.​ The lubrication was amazing and I could work my hand up and down my Penis Rings with ease!

The sensations I was feeling were mind-blowing, and I felt like I was experiencing something totally new.​ I could adjust my strokes and speed, discovering what felt best for me and taking my pleasure session to the next level.​ The climax I reached was powerful and intense, like nothing I’d ever felt before.​

My experience with baby oil for male masturbation was absolutely amazing.​ I was completely overwhelmed with the sensations I felt and the ease of finding the pleasure I wanted.​ I would definitely recommend it! I also discovered that using condoms is extremely important when using oils, for safety and hygiene reasons.​

The next time I decide to indulge in pleasure with baby oil, I’ll have to remember to use a condom.​ I feel extremely lucky to have discovered an alternative to my traditional session and cannot wait to experience the intensity of the pleasure all over again.​

Now that I had a better understanding of how to use baby oil for solo pleasure sessions, I decided to explore further and really get to know the benefits of using it.​ I discovered that using baby oil can be an awesome addition to foreplay as it can be used as a fragrant massage oil or as a lubricant.​ Its silky texture and light scent is quite relaxing and an amazing way to set the mood.​ It can even be a great way to engage in light BDSM and discover different sexual fantasies.​

I was pretty happy to discover that baby oil can also add extra moisture to the penis.​ This can help stay hydrated when engaging frequently in solo or partner play.​ Plus, the oil can make it easier for the penis to slide against objects or fingers, and reduce friction.​

Last but certainly not least, I uncovered that baby oil can be used to lubricate your favourite sex dolls toys.​ This can greatly reduce the risk of feeling uncomfortable when using large toys, plus can make for a more exciting and pleasurable experience.​

I was definitely impressed after learning all of the potential benefits of using baby oil for male masturbation.​ Taking a bit of time to ensure that you use it correctly can make it an awesome way to indulge in pleasurable solo and partner play.​

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