are dildos more regulated in texas than guns

Hey, did you hear about the craziness going on in Texas? No, I’m not talking about the guns. I’m talking about the dildos! It’s crazy how much more regulated dildos are than guns down there.

First things first, just take a look at these laws. In Texas, it is illegal to carry a 6-inch dildo in any public place, but it is perfectly legal to openly carry a loaded rifle, assault weapon, and even a machine gun, with no penalty whatsoever. Crazy, right?

Second, what about when it comes to selling the items? Because gun dealers are federally licensed, they have to keep records and all gun buyers must pass a background check. Meanwhile selling dildos have no such regulations. All it takes to buy a dildo in Texas is a smile, a few bucks, and a notarized statement promising not to use it for “any immoral purpose”. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Third, it is even more difficult to bring a dildo on school campus than a gun. Texas law bans guns on school grounds but also bans dildos, just in case. This means a student caught with a dildo on campus would face automatic suspension and a potential school expulsion. Now, wouldn’t that just be overkill?

Fourth, even the punishment for public display of dildos in the state is harsher than that of a gun. For the sake of public decency, anyone caught with a dildo in hand could go to jail for 6 months while someone can openly carry an AR-15 without any social consequence whatsoever. Some might see it as severely unfair.

Fifth, let’s not even get started with the rights of dildos and guns. A dildo has no documented constitutional right but every gun can find protection by the Second Amendment. Gee, who would have thought?!

Last but not least, it is harder to transport a dildo than a gun. A gun is easier and quicker to transport to a destination, while if someone wants to travel with a dildo, it has to be encased in a paper or plastic bag with clear labels identifying it. And, goodness, the shame that comes with it. Awful, right?

From research to reality, I can’t seem to find any reason why the laws of Texas favor guns and despise dildos. It’s honestly just like they think a dildo is some kind of alien weapon that would cause a nuclear meltdown. But then again, I’m sure that’s far-fetched. What do you think of all this though?

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