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I’m not sure if I am treating her like a sex toy. That thought has been lingering in my mind for some time now. She’s always been so loving and supportive of me, and I hate the idea of objectifying her like that. Despite that, I find myself becoming more and more drawn to the idea of treating her as a plaything, and it worries me.

I know that this isn’t how love should be expressed. Not in a way that further objectifies a person into nothing more than a sexual object. I don’t want her to think that I’m planning on taking advantage of her, or that she’s only there to serve my needs. I care deeply for her and that’s what scares me.

We used to always talk about mundane topics before bed, and I always felt a deep ecstasy when we did. It was like a wild journey through basic conversations and I loved it. But now, I can’t help but feel that instead of being comfortable with these moments, I feel like I’m trying to turn it into something more physical.

I try to remind myself of what’s important. That this is someone I care about, and I need to be careful in the way I express it. I want her to feel like I’m not objectifying her, and that I just want the best for her. But the more I think about it, the more I want to just dive into the physical aspects of a relationship.

I keep telling myself that it’s basic human nature and that I’m just trying to get closer. That I’m just trying to understand and appreciate each other in a new and different way. But I know that if I’m not careful, I could do serious damage to our relationship by crossing boundaries and objectifying her.

I often find myself needing to take a step back and remind myself that connecting to her should be about a mutual understanding between two people. Not about getting whatever I can out of her. I want to be comfortable with just enjoying her company and Penis Rings appreciate that connection as something special.

One of the reasons why I worry is because I’m so used to being in situations where being an object was the only way for me to show and feel affection. I’m scared that I’m falling into the same patterns and forgetting what it really means to care for someone deeply.

I don’t want her to think that I just care about her body, rather than having a genuine connection.And the wrong idea that love is about getting something from someone. I want her to feel safe with me, and I want to make sure I do everything I can to ensure that.

I’ll try and be as gentle and respectful as I can, and understand that physical intimacy shouldn’t be our only source of connection. That way, the both of us will be able to feel close and respected in the relationship.

I need to remember why I’m with her in the first place. That we both have the capability to bond over something deeper than just sex, if I can believe in that. Keeping that in mind is a top priority for me right now.

Most importantly, I need to make sure that I’m consistently communicating with her about my feelings. Reassuring her that my intentions are pure and dildos that I come from a place of love. That way, she’ll know that I’m not treating her like a sex toy.

It’s more important now than ever that I let her know I care for her, and do everything I can to show it. By keeping the lines of communication open, and respecting boundaries we can become closer without crossing into inappropriate territory.

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